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First post!!!!

2 Nov

This is my first blog! I’m basically just trying stuff out before this becomes an assignment.

My name is Yuki Ross and I’m 19 years old. I go to the University of Kentucky and my major is Japanese literature and linguistics. I have been told that I speak Japanese good and it’s my passion so I want to learn it as much as I can. I’m an Android user not Iphone. I’m also a brony. Things I enjoy include the following: tech, swords, games, archery, and fun!

Today, my WRD teacher is sick so I don’t have class until 12:00. That’s kinda exciting for me because that means I only had that class once this week. I’ve spent this morning not doing much. I’m still trying to think of ideas for videos. I would like to become a YouTube Partner but you have to have popular videos, which I don’t have. I doubt anyone will read this, but if someone does it would rock if someone have me an idea or two. Well that about wraps this up…